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Driving Test Rescue

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Driving Test Rescue

You will be interested in this very special course of driving lessons if you have been failing your driving test with another driving school. The driving test isn’t designed to fail people, it is designed to make sure you are a safe driver, therefore if you are failing time after time something must be wrong with your training.

With all due respect to your previous driving school failing doesn’t occur due to nerves, it occurs to a lack of preparation. If you fail your test for nerves are you fit to drive when a serious hazard occurs and you need to take action?
Nerves are the number one reason to blame for driving test fails among driving instructors yet the DVSA don’t even include nerves in their top 10 reasons for failing.

So how can we help you get your driving licence?
The first step is to recognise that failing to signal or jumping a red light is not the reason you failed, the reason you failed is what caused you to do that. On this special course the driving test rescue will quickly unravel your problems and soon you will see the solution.

What we will do is re-program your thinking, helping you to make the right decisions. Before you go to your next test you will be confident, prepared and be able to analyse your own driving!
Due to 50% of tests ending in failure this is a very popular course which sees real results, the price of the course is 10 hours for £300 or 6 hours for £180. You will need to contact us today to check for availability. The price does not include the hire of the car on the day of the driving test.

ZOOM TO SUCCESS with our amazing beginner driving lessons.

Right from the very first lesson you will be driving and soon you will see your skills developing right in front of your eyes.

This is the perfect course for the total novice who wants to learn quickly.