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Driving Lessons in Creswell

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Driving Lessons in Creswell


Suitable for any new learner wanting to have an amazing start.


For the pupil that’s already started to drive and doesn’t need the basics.


It’s very normal to be nervous about driving, however we’ll help you become a confident driver.


Failed your test with another local driving school? We can help you set the record straight.

How To Pass Your Driving Test First Time

Assuming you are like most learner drivers
you would love to pass your test at the first go – right?
And I’m going to show you how…right now!

Learning to drive is not hard,
in fact you will be driving on your very first lesson with me
and in a few lessons time you will have the skills to drive home
so getting you driving is not the hard part.

Where people fail their driving test is by not being safe,
the test is all about being a safe driver,
let’s have a look at what the driving examiner wants to see.

1. Have the right attitude to being safe
2. Following the Highway Code
3. Hazard Perception
4. In control of the car

That’s what it all boils down to – those 4 factors.
With me, I teach you…code you!
I impress the 4 factors into your learning,
so you almost become a safe driver almost on autopilot.

Imagine going into your driving test knowing you are a safe driver,
knowing you are prepared and feeling confident.
And you will be like that because by the time you get to your test
you won’t even need a driving school in Creswell…or me!
You will be ready.

You can choose to take driving lessons in Creswell with lots of schools
but has anyone yet shared with you, what you have just learned?
Call me now!

Driving Schools in Creswell – Who Do You Choose?

There are quite a number of driving schools in Creswell so who do you choose?
My advice to you is very simple.

1. Make the phone call
2. Listen to see if the instructor asks you about when you want to pass
3. Has the instructor asked if you have passed your theory?
4. Do not make a block booking just yet, what if you do not like them?
5. Book a two hour lesson
6. Ask for a money back guarantee
7. After your first lesson has finished – did you like it?

Currently out of all the driving schools in Crewell
I am the only one to offer a money back guarantee
and a triple guarantee.

Phone me now to get your driving licence