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Suitable for any new learner wanting to have an amazing start.


For the pupil that’s already started to drive and doesn’t need the basics.


It’s very normal to be nervous about driving, however we’ll help you become a confident driver.


Failed your test with another local driving school? We can help you set the record straight.

Driving Lessons in Worksop

My name is Phil Bainbridge I can give you driving lessons in Worksop but what I really want to do is help you become a fantastic learner driver so you will be able to pass your driving test standing on your head!

Learning to drive is going to be an awesome experience for you but with there being lots of driving schools to choose from who do you pick and why? Well I have got many years of experience of teaching people like you to drive and that means I can offer you a very special triple guarantee.

If you are like most learners taking driving lessons in Worksop then you will want…

1. To pass 1st time
2. Not to get ripped off with being made to take too many lessons
3. To have a good time
4. And to learn how to be safe

…But it is practically impossible to tell if your driving instructor in Worksop can offer you that and this is where my triple guarantee comes in and totally removes all the risk from finding the best school for you.

The triple guarantee consists of…

a) Money Back Guarantee
b) Pass Promise
c) 2 Year Driving Lesson Warranty

So let me show you why these are important to you and the conditions.

Money Back Guarantee
Let’s be real here, you have no idea if I am a good driving instructor in Worksop or not, even if you know someone who passed with me, we all have different experiences right? And it’s ok me knowing I’m good but I need to prove that to you. So if you are unhappy with your driving lesson in Worksop I will refund the lesson you are on or have just finished. You have up to 24 hours to ask for a refund and that will end our association of working together. Basically, I take the risk, your money is protected.

Pass Promise
I know how you would love to get your licence at the first time of asking, so I am saying this to you, if you follow my learning program and fail, I will cover the cost of your next test for you. Yes I’m that confident. To qualify for the Pass Promise you need to take at least a 2 hour lesson every week and in the event you miss a week, say for illness, holiday etc. Then you will need to double up on a week. The thing is, you have got to keep focused. Skipping lessons leads to failing.

You will also need to pass your theory test within the first 8 weeks of joining my school, I’m serious about getting you your driving licence and the theory test is the halfway point, so I don’t want you hanging around, waiting and waiting. Let’s get it done shall we?

Once you have passed your theory test we can look for dates for you to take your test.
Before you take the test you will needed to have completed 40 hours of tuition with my driving school in Worksop. The average number of hours is 47, so you are well under that (17.5% if you want to be precise lol). You will have passed a mock test, you will have completed the learning to drive syllabus and be classified as an independent driver. Why all these checks? Because you are going to need every single one if you are to pass!

If at that point you somehow fail, book your next test, we’ll fix in 3 remedial lessons ( 2 hours each) for you, and I will pay for three of those which will more than cover the cost of your second test.

2 Year Driving Lesson Warranty
Once you have passed your driving test it is normal from time to time for a pupil to wish they had some support from their driving instructor, I can give you that with free refresher lessons.
You are entitled to 3 hours a year for the first 2 years after passing your test.

You will supply your own car, it will be fuelled and road legal. The lesson will take place at a date, time and location suitable to me and we’ll cover the areas of driving you feel you need to brush up on. It could be the case that you have just bought your first car, its different to mine and you want to be careful driving it for the first time.

The 2 year driving lessons warranty is not for advanced driving, just the things you covered on your learner lessons and it is designed to keep you safe. You can’t swap the lessons, sell them and they don’t carry forward into the following year. Many parents have approved of this warranty and its yours once you pass your test with my driving school in Worksop.

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As you can see I offer a really good solution to helping you get your driving licence, you will soon be on the road enjoying life as you should be doing. You will need to contact me asap as my driving lessons in Worksop are very popular.